Linograpy, how do you do it?

We take carefully selected linoleum, almost like the stuff you use as flooring and etch the surface with a laser cutter, to leave a fine line plate. After that we step back into the era of Rembrandt and print on 300 grams paper and with a 100 year old laundry mill we heavily modified to suit our printing needs. ( the small prints we make on a ‘regular’ etching press) Each print takes about 15 careful minutes to produce and about a month to dry (harden out) properly.

-Selecting the lino to go with the ink is quite bothersome, it is hard to achieve the right ink ‘tone’ And of course each design out right demands its own colour and ink tone.
-laser cutting, although it is now fairly common, think old Heidelberg printingpress, she needs lots of TLC, and tuning and such.

while the etching plates are laser cut for linography, (zink etchings we also make) the only limitation we have is size, we can go up to any paper size, and our large mill is around 90 cm’s wide.

Linography is also very suitable for making cupholders, mousepads and (my personal favorite) custom made deskmats, think M.C. Escher, your own logo or any other artwork, come visit our workshop (coffee always ready!) for some nice examples and enquire our rates and prices.